Spyhunter 5 review (Depth Analysis)

Spyhunter 5 is defined as a security program that is developed by EnigmaSoft Limited. This tool is beneficial for both PC users and security experts. This type of program is used to detect and remove any existing malware from your computer. It is able to get rid of threats like Trojans, rootkits, worms, adware, browser hijackers and similar unnecessary programs.

At present, there are lots of security applications available on the market and each of them has its advantages or disadvantages. Among all, Spyhunter 5 is one of the best applications. It has got a perfect score of 100% in malware detection and removal. It is a well tested and reliable brand that also provides best customer service.

If your computer is infected by PUPs, worms, rootkits, ransomware or any threat then you can use Spyhunter 5, as it can find and remove viruses and threats without difficulty. It provides real time protection to block threats and malware immediately which is not something you can find with most anti-malware programs.

Here given below are some of its features which will help you to know why Spyhunter 5 is a much demand anti-malware/antivirus program. Let’s go through it one by one:

Customized scan options: If you don’t have time to perform full system scan then you can use schedule scan options to stay safe all the times. This option includes scanning for unknown viruses, cookies and stealth programs.

Help desk: This feature allows user to contact tech customer support team of Spyhunter 5 for any security concerns. After purchasing the software, you will get access to customer support that will solve all the issues that the software doesn’t solve automatically. You will get their help 24×7.

Advanced System Guard: This is an advanced feature that runs within the background and allow users to control the running processes, inform about any malicious programs before starting the execution. It also keeps monitoring the PC and scans for files that has already being installed.

User-Friendly: User-friendly describes a hardware device or software interface that is easy to use. It is friendly to the user which means it is not difficult to learn or understand. It change particular settings, run scans and delete detected threats and viruses.

Requires less user-monitoring: This security programs perform scheduled scans automatically and provides you real time updates about the security status of your device. Once Spyhunter 5 installed, it will automatically start scanning and remove all potentially harmful things.

Exclusion list: If you notice that Spyhunter continuously detects non-malicious programs then you can add them to exclusion list. Once added, the security program won’t identify them as unsafe in future.

Rollback feature: If anti-spyware software detects and objects that wasn’t a threat then rollback feature is used. It will restore the deleted files to its original place or location.

Upgrade malware definitions: According to the latest detected samples, the malware definitions of the programs are continuously renewed. The anti-malware program check for new updates each time you start it and if founds automatically downloads/installs them.

Is Spyhunter 5 safe or risky?

The shortest answer to this question is that Spyhunter 5 is totally safe and useful anti-malware program. When you are using it, there are no risks. This software mainly focuses on spyware and malware detection and removal as well as it provides real-time system protection. It is an all-in-one malware remediation tool and cleans stubborn system viruses and potentially unwanted programs. Spyhunter 5 works only for Windows computers.

Do we recommend Spyhunter 5?

 Multiple features of Spyhunter are totally free. With a simple free scan, most of the perilous malware and security issues get detected. However, Spyhunter 5 also has paid versions which cost license for year is $39.99. It can detect malware and other threats for free but to remove them completely, you will have to purchase the subscription. Thus you may say that this software works for free but not totally as it is a paid tool. By through the cost, this tool is too expensive but the features and stability that it offers totally justify its price. If you go for the cheaper options then you might get disheartened as the alternate software may not work as it promises.


Instructions on how to download and install Spyhunter 5?

To install Spyhunter on your PC, download its installer from a reliable source. For example, official developer’s page. You will receive a file called Spyhunter-Installer.exe. Double click on the file to launch.

Click “Yes” to the “User Account Control” dialog box

Now select preferred language and then click on “OK”

Now click on “Continue” to proceed with the installation

Read and click on accept button to agree for “End User License Agreement” and “Privacy Policy“. Now, click on the “Install” button.

Now installation will begin, please wait as it will take few minutes

Click on “Finish” button to successfully install the program.