Xbox Series X controller PC’s setup guide

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the two new versions of Xbox controller are developed that provides first time a great experience on console.

The subtle difference in the newer versions with the existing xbox controller is the inclusion of Share button to capture screenshots.

You can connect to Xbox series X/S controller via using micro-USB cable or Bluetooth. Using it for USB-C provides you no fear from battery drainage. Here are the steps to setup the controller on PC for the first time:

  • Connect your USB-C cable to the controller,
  • And the other end of the cable to on PC (use USB 3.0 or some better port),
  • The windows will then download the supportive driver for its running on the PC,
  • On completing the process, the buttons on the Xbox controller will turn white.

If you want to get rid of being tangled or tethered with a cord, using Bluetooth connection is the best option for you. Use Techkey as a support for Bluetooth on PC (if your device doesn’t support the one). The setup guide for you is provided below:

  • Hold down the Xbox button to turn it on,
  • Then, click on the paring button to initiate paring process,
  • Click on Start button on the system,
  • Go to the settings, select devices and under the Bluetooth & other devices, toggle on Bluetooth button to turn it on,
  • Click on Add Bluetooth or other device and click on the option Xbox wireless controller

Xbox controller will automatically work on the PC once it is connected. However, if you want an absolute guarantee that everything work as intended, use big picture mode. Here’s is how:

  • Open the stream and connect the controller via Bluetooth or USB-C as intended,
  • Now, select the stream settings> controller> General Controller settings,
  • Check if the Stream is showing the controller connected,
  • If yes, it will either automatically select certain settings or ask you to do so,
  • On performing needed changes, select Generic Gamepad configuration support and Xbox configuration support and then go.

You should download Xbox accessories app so that the controller will stay updated with the latest firmware and features available on the PC.