Windows 11 SE is reported as another Windows 11 variant

 A recent report suggests about Windows 11 SE, another Windows 11 variant in the works, follows the cloud-first approach.

You might have heard about Windows 98 SE. Here, the SE Stands for Second Edition. The Windows 11 SE is brought some feature updates to Windows 98.

The Windows 11 SE can be said to be the second edition of Windows 11, which already making us in question of Microsoft’s operating system.

Twitter user, Sigma was the fist and the later confirmed by XDA developers about the existence of Windows 11 SE.

 Sigma says, the Windows 11 SE has broken offline Windows setups experience. This means, you need Microsoft account to use it. But, you can switch it to a local account anytime later.

This stripped down feature however restricts some features. For example, it will not possible for you to find Phone and Search options in the Settings apps. As spotted by Sigma and XDA that the Microsoft store is disabled by default on 11 SE.

 It is being suggested for enterprise users. The main motive of the Microsoft is to ensure them the privacy and security. The company can assure this by restricting the features.