Follow these five simple guides before relying on any news

 While the Google runs the biggest news curation platforms, it is not enough to stop the spread of the fake news on the internet completely. This is you, the user, who plays an active role in this.

In this article, we will guide you how you can spot fake news and stop the misinformation to spread on the web to more people.

See for relevant article on other sites

 Very first, when you see news on the web or a group chat, open the Google News or any other site related to the article you are reading.

While this should be a common practice, many a people are so lazy to do that and make the non-existing fact the real one and become an influencer of misinformation conduct.

 As a reader, you require being so selective in sharing any information you got. Also, you should be choosy about the sources you refer to. Refer the pages that can be relied upon.

See the source of the news you are reading

 You might come to a site of which you are not familiar with, reading an article on it which is spreading information.

What you should do is to take the help of the “About this result” of Google section to get the information about the publisher. This will give you a better idea whether you should share this information to your friends or not.

At present, this Google’s feature is available in US only, so to access this, tap on the three dot button on story card.

Take help from Fact-checkers

Fake-checking sites make you confirm on the authenticity of a particular fact or news. This is useful when you are seeing forward messages on social media like WhatsApp.

You can enjoy the Goolge’s Fact Check Explorer page. Visit the site, search for the specific news on the search bar or click on the Recent Fact checks to get the best idea.

Images can spread fake news. In fact, this is an easy way to spread misinformation. Instagram and WhatsApp platforms contain fake content from unsuspecting users.

Images could be fishy

The fake images may convey some riot that actually didn’t happen or may have the mage from some another event.

You all familiar about the images spreading last year depicting a sharing swimming on a road filled with water. These are fake images that create bad consequences.

Here, what you can do is to search for the images on the Google Search. You will get its context. Also, the information if it has been shared in anytime past.

Use Google Maps and Google Earth for cross-check

To verify the authenticity of content, you can revere search for it on Google Maps and Google Earth. For example, when you are seeing an image sating about a building exists somewhere, Google Maps will be helpful to get the best street view of the place to get the truth.

 We are completing with the suggestion on how to stop fake news. Hope so, using these way, you get he authenticity of an article, image before rely upon.

Fake news requires to be prevented from being spread because of the main reason that it often has dire consequences. You might hear about the some countries like India where people lost their lives after the mob attacked them – this was a result of fake news.