Windows 10 spring update; all you want to know

Windows 10 21H1, aka the spring 2021 update will likely to be available with us in this month or the next as an optional update.

It will be rolled on Windows 10, 2004 and Windows H2 as an enablement package that the user can install quickly, just with a single reboot.

This because all features with 21H1 has already been included in the Windows 10, 2004/ 20 H1. The enablement package will just install and enable them.

People, who are still using older versions of Windows 10, will have to wait for a long time to install as they will require downloading the full update.

Windows 10 21H1 will be easily available via the Windows 10 or users have to manually click on Check for Updates. The feature update will be offered as an optional update.

The spring 2021 update is not a very exciting released from Microsoft. It is just a minor update with bug fixes, performance improvement and a few improvements to the existing features for business users.

The new improvements with the Windows 10 21H1 include the Windows Hello multicamera support sets to the default as external camera (when both external and internal Windows Hello Camears are present), optimizing document opening scenario times of Windows Defender Application Guard and WMI and GPSVC performance improvement to support remote work scenarios.

The Good news is that the Microsoft plans to change the way they provide updates for many of Windows 10 features so that the updates will be provided more quickly.

Microsoft will do this through Microsoft Store or via Windows Update Experience Packs. This is the new way of delivering update for any standalone features outside of any regularly scheduled Windows 10 updates.

Windows Terminal, Notepad, Windows 10 Start Menu, XBOX integration, the Windows Snipping Tool, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux are the examples of the features that fit into this new update mode.

People, who are waiting for much more exciting and feature- rich update, will have to wait till Microsoft releases Windows 10 Sun Valley 21H2 feature update.

The Sun Valley update will include a overhaul design with new animations, rounded dialogues and new UL elements.

In addition to this, the Microsoft will include various new features such as DoH, the new Battery settings and the modern Disk Management settings page.

If you wishing to the test the Windows 10 21H1 feature update at now, you can join the Windows Insider Program and the Beta channel.

The thing you should keep in mind before doing that is the moment you install the insider build, you will not be able to downgrade to the general release.

So, to go back, you will to wait till the insider builds signed with the general release builds and disconnect it from the insider program.

There is yet another way, you can test the spring Windows 10 21H1 features via an ISO. You can download it through Windows Insider Site.