Microsoft releases Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.62 to fix YouTube problem

Issues causing Microsoft Edge browser to crash while watching YouTube videos or reading commends now have been fixed.

It was reported earlier this month that the Microsoft Edge would become unresponsive on watching a full screen video –a circular loading graphic would appear and the browser become non-responsive get crashed.

The users, who experienced this issue, reported that one of their Microsoft Edge processes would start using gigabytes of memory that eventually leads into the browser crash.

Microsoft acknowledged the issue and asked users to use Microsoft Edge Canary for the fix on the discussion made on Reddit.

 People, however, reported that the bugs continue to happen. However, in a test done by Bleeping security firm, YouTube no longer froze when using Edge Canary.

An engineer from Microsoft Edge posted to a Reddit threat that their fix has helped many people, but not everyone and that they are still working for the fix of the issue.

The engineer said, “It is indeed video related, I can confirm that much. I can also say that if you are still experiencing this, we’re still working on getting it sorted out. The Canary fix I mentioned helped a lot of people, but not everyone, and there’s an upstream fix coming in soon. I’m not entirely sure when that will be, but I will follow up with you once I know. :).

With the Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.62 released on Friday, the stable branch and fix for YouTube problem was done by Microsoft.

To update and install the latest Microsoft Edge browser, click on the Edge menu, select Help and Feedback and then About Microsoft Edge. On the screen, the browser will automatically check for the update and install it.