Juhi Chawla files lawsuit against 5G rollout

Juhi Chawla is a popular name in the Indian film industry. Recently, she filed a lawsuit on the safety of 5G, calling its rollout a step without considering safety. She named it “dire and palpable risk to the public at large.”

 Juhi filed lawsuit against the rollout in India at the Delhi High Court. Her case says that the 5G should not be allowed until its health effects are tested.

The case highlights the point that insurance companies in the U.S., U.k., and Canada denied this that the radiation could not cause injuries or deaths. It also adds that Brussels already halted the 5G rollout.

The hearing of the case has been done and the bench reserved its judgment. But, when you look closely the live reporting, you will find that case was actually poorly constructed, although it can’t be dismissed the effect of 5G on health and environment just because of weak case.

However, if we take the word of “WHO” or World Health Organization, the organization who is conducting a health risk assessment, focusing on the entire radiofequency or RF range, including 5G- the report of which is to be published in 2022, wireless technology can cause tissue heating, resulting in rise in body temperature.

On contrary, published study by International Agency for Research on Cancer states that RD electromagnetic files are possibly carcinogenic to humans. The agency also connects the risk of glioma – a type of brain cancer with the increase use of mobile or codeless phones.

 To conclude, we are still not sure whether 5G radiations are harmful. There is required more research on this. Meanwhile, it is a positive approach to wait for the trial and come with an analogy.