How to run Windows 11 without Webcam

Run Windows 11 without Webcam: Is it possible?

 In this post, we are going to discuss on “How to run Windows 11 without Webcam”. You will be guided with proper instructions whether it is possible to run Windows 11 without webcam or not, and if possible, how to do this. Let’s starts the discussion.

Windows 11 Introduction and system requirements:

Windows 11 – The latest generation of Windows Operating System recently released by Microsoft Corporation. This new Windows OS is big upgrade over Windows 10 OS which has been here for over 6 years now. When we talk about Windows 11’s design, it is designed in such a way where the Start Menu has found a new home at the Center of Windows Taskbar. It features new sound for Windows Bootup, new icons & fonts and among other new visual elements.

If you want to install and run Windows 11 in your PC/laptop/tablet, then you need to meets system requirements for using Windows 11 at first. If you are not aware, Windows 11 is advanced OS and much like Apple’s MacOS. You can use Microsoft’s PC Health Check App in your device and check if your device is compatible with Windows 11 means check if your device is allowed to run Windows 11.

For example, you need DirectX12 compatible graphics card with WDDM 2.x in your device if you want to run Windows 11. Graphics card’s brand including Intel, NVIDIA and AMD offers usually graphics cards that will support DirectX 12 means if you have these brands’ graphics card, then you are allowed to run Windows 11. Similarly, you need to check other system requirements.

How to run Windows 11 without Webcam?

To check if your Windows PC is compatible with Windows 11, download/install ‘PC Health Check’ App from Microsoft Official site, and run it in your device. This app will show you complete details about system requirements and shows results whether your device is compatible or not with Windows 11.

However, Microsoft officially released the hardware specifications for using Windows 11 or upgrading Windows devices to Windows 11. The company explained there is need of webcam (external or internal) on laptop or tablet from 1st January 2023 in order run Windows 11 on the device. It means starting from 2023, your laptop/tablet must have webcam with required resolutions if you want to run/use Windows 11 on your device, otherwise, you can’t use it.

Microsoft also explained that not ordinary camera/webcam will be compatible with Windows 11. You will need some high resolution camera. The company states webcams should be in HD resolution with 720p, 1280 X 720, with aspect ratio of 1:1. Also, webcams must features auto exposure and auto white-balance. On other hand, your laptop/tablet must have camera buttons which should be able to wake the devices.

However, this system requirements will become available from 1st January 2023 and at that time, you will need to have HD webcam external with required resolutions or your laptop/tablet must include built-in internal webcam with required webcam resolution if you want to use Windows 11.

How to run Windows 11? [Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11]

Upgrade to Windows 11 via Settings App

Step 1: In Windows 10 PC, press ‘Windows + I’ keys on keyboard to open ‘Settings’ App

Step 2: Go to ‘Update & Security > Windows Update’ and click on ‘Check for updates’ button. Make sure your PC is connected to stable internet connection.

Step 3: This will show multiple updates and you can select which update you want to install. Check if Windows 11 upgrade in that list and if available, select it and click ‘Download and Install’.

Step 4: Wait to complete the process. This will take few hours to complete. Once done, restart your computer and check if you are in new Windows version ‘Windows 11’.

Note: If you don’t want to upgrade Windows PC to Windows 11 using ‘Settings’ App, then you can download/purchase Windows 11 OS from Microsoft Official site and install it into your computer.   


I am sure this post helped you ‘How to run Windows 11 without Webcam’ and explained here that you will need to have HD webcam or later in your laptop/tablet in order to run Windows 11 OS, starting with 1st January 2023. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.