Cruella; everything you want to know about its streaming on Disney Hotstar

Emma Stone starring Cruella already hit the America theaters from Friday onwards. This is a story about Crulla de Vil –a character from “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” novel.

If you want to steam this movie from home, Disney is for you to fulfill this dream. You can see the movie in Disney in its Premier Access option- additional service offered to Display+ users by paying additional fee per movie.

For cruella, they have to spend $29.99. The benefit is that the users can enjoy the movie unlimited number of times after the purchase. Additionally, they have premier Access path for some other movies like Mulan, Raya and the Last Dragon, Jungle Cruise, and Black Widow.

 According to IndieWidre, the pricing on the platform can be compared with the cost of two tickets of the movie with popcorn. Sitting in home and paying the price same as in the cinema would be fascinating and relaxing, as far as taking into consideration of the present situation.

Disney revealed that the movie will be available for free from August 27 and so those who want to watch the movie free of cost have to wait for at least three months.

However, if you belong to India, the offer of any add-on service like Premier Access is not for you. Even the Bookmyshow that brings latest threatical releases via online streaming doesn’t seem to stream Cruella. The movie was set to release on theaters, but was not possible because of the obvious reasons.